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JZR-900 EPE Foam Bag Making Machine

I. Performance:
Mechanism Part
1.Channel steel and steel plate.

Electric Part
1. SCM, LDC Display, Step motor.
2. PLC control, 5.6 inch ture color touch screen, Servo motor.
3. Main frequency motor, LG inverter.
4. Automatic calculating, Preset automatic stop and alarming functions.
5. Unwind analog EPC web control
6. Folding device (one set)

II. Main Technical Parameters:
Bag making width: 800mm
Bag making length: 800mm
Bag making speed: 30-120times/min depend on materials
Unwind width: 1700mm
Suitable paper core inner diameter: 76mm
Cutting precision: ±1mm
Equipment weight: ~1200kg
Power consumption: ~7kw
Overall dimension: 6000*1500*2000 (mm)

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