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Full Automatic Food Paper Bag Making Machine
It applies to Kraft, striped kraft paper, glossy paper, coated paper food, medical paper and paper materials; machine uses a web feed, you can glue the film once completed, the upper gum, barbed mouth into a tube, cut , fold the bottom end of the plastic bag molding; widely used in food, fast food, gifts, merchandise, medical, aviation and other packaging;

Performance and features:
1. The machine adopts imported high-end PC systems HMI centralized control, stable performance, easy operation, maintenance, operation interface English can be switched with each other;

2. horizontal discharge air shaft roll unwinding, pneumatic locking, automatic pneumatic feeding, automatic tension control, LPC automatic correction;

3. Feeding traction for the import of multiple synchronous servo motor and host matching operations, servo motion compensation is calculated.

4. modes: fixed-length bag, bag photoelectric tracking, auto-seeker function;

5. Counting mode: automatic alarm and batch number of integer bits, easy to follow package.

Main technical parameters:
Model: 350
The fastest speed bag: 450pcs/min
The fastest mechanical speed: 105m/min
Maximum paper feed width: 1000mm
The maximum diameter of the paper feed: 1200mm
The maximum length of the bag: 180 - 700mm
The maximum width of bag: 80-350mm
The maximum thickness of paper stock: 30-100g/m2
Window stickers material thickness: 17un - 35un
Material width window stickers: 50-400mm
Total power: 27kw
Machine size: 8500x1900x1900mm
Address:Building 2, SunShine North Road, Ruian, Zhejiang Province China
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