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SHL -1300A Solvent-less laminating machine
The following main features make the machine one of the most popular laminator models in the markets, which includes,
 - Accurate digital control of the coating amount, with patented independent digital control.
 - Stability of the lamination pressures, with patented horizontal laminating nips.
 - Precision sectional independent tension control systems, with dancing rollers.

Better rewinding with settable rewinding tension to different diameters and tension tapers from the core to the max diameter. High production efficiency, etc.

Main specifications:
Suitable for subjects: flexible packing and lamination companies
Applicable scope: film/film, film/VM film, film/foil (limitation) etc
Tension Control: Dancing Rollers, Load Cell
Coating Unit Control Motor: Servo Motor
Main Spec: SHL-1300A
Max Laminating Speed(mpm): 300M/min
Max Web Width(mm): 1000,1300,1500 mm
Max Unwinding Dia(mm): Φ800
Max Rewinding Dia(mm): Φ1000
Drive for Coating Unit: Servo motors
Weight: 7500KG
SIZE: 6000x2300x2500

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