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Plastic recycle extruder machine
A. First Extruder:
Screw Diameter: Φ140mm
Screw Length: 3600mm
L/D ratio: 25:1
Vented style: Single(Double) Vent
Material of Screw and barrel: High-quality nitride steel 38CrMoAlA. Nitride hardness is HV800-900. Nitriding Depth is 0.4-0.7mm
Gear Box: 315#(Equipped with cooling device)
Motor Power: 75kw-4 / 55kw-6
Mode of Motor control: star triangle step - down start
Heating Zones/Power: 10 zones/60kw
Mode of heater ring: before first vent is ceramics heater ring
Screen Change Style: Hydraulic Double Screen Change (Screen Size:300mm×300mm)
Feed port: 45# Steel alloy processing

B. The Second Extruder
Screw Diameter: Φ140mm-A Model
Screw Length: 1800mm
L/D ratio: 12:1
Vented style: Single Vent
Gear Box: 200#(Equipped with cooling device)
Motor Power: 18.5kw-4
Heating Zones/Power: 5 zones/30kw
Mode of heater ring: ordinary heater ring
Screen Change Style: Hydraulic Double Screen Change (Screen Size:300mm×300mm)

C. Ancillary equipment
Cooling device: 3.0m stainless steel cooling tank
Cutter device: 5.5kw inverter(ALPHA brand) 24 knives cutter
Hydraulically actuated system: Double valve hydraulic station,power is 3.75kw
Material inlet: 800*800 high material inlet:
Electric Panel: Single electric panel(15 heating zones, No.1 Stage is 10 Zones,No.2 Stage is 5 Zones), Digital temperature control meter adopt Yuyao, AC Contactor adopt Zhengtai, (3-PHASE, 50mm^2 Copper Core, 400A air break by customer)
Total power: 195kw
Tool Box: Tool Box one set, heater ring 4pcs and heater panel 6pcs.
Suitable material(flake): ABS/PS/PP/PE etc
Capacity: ABS/PS:300-350kg/h;PE/PP:250-300kg/h
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