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POF 3-layer Coextrusion Heat Shrink Film Blowing Machine
Equipment Characteristic:
1.The unique designed PP/PE/PP 3-layer coextrusion die head.The die head adopts technology of two-extruder three-layer coextrusion to ensure short retention time of flowing channel discharging and uniform distribution of rapid melting. No mixed layer and convincing performance.
2.Equip with independent innovation differential thickness gauge.
3.The cycle water cooling device is setted in the tube film embryo of the die head for the extruder.
4.High efficent environmental protection our products save energy 15% more than abroad.
5.Our advance technologies are in the lead of same trade,such as reasonable structure,easy to operate.
6.Our machine has won 3-item use patent(patent number:
1.ZL2005 2 0056427.X 2.ZL2005 2 0056428.4 3ZL2005 2 0056429.9,an invention patent(patent number:ZL2006 1 0034216.5)

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